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It is with sadness that I must announce that as of the conclusion of the 2013-14 NBA season, I will no longer be updating this website.

I’ve been keeping track of player salaries for 13 years now and have had a website displaying my spreadsheets for 10 of those years.   But life does change and I simply no longer have the time for this hobby of mine.   It will be strange not keeping track of every player transaction – but in some ways, giving up this website will give me a little more time to actually watch more NBA basketball and enjoy this amazing game.

Should someone desire to continue in my stead and take over, please email me at storyteller@storytellerscontracts.info and we can talk.

Thanks for all of the encouraging words that I’ve received over the years.   I hope the information and the musings here have been helpful to you.

Blessings to all!

- Jeff Kramer  (Storyteller)



You can find comprehensive spreadsheets for player salaries and for team salaries – those that cover the entire league - by clicking on the buttons on the left.  Or, if you prefer, you can look at a spreadsheet for a specific team by clicking on its city, listed in the drop down menus.  Spreadsheets for previous seasons can be found in the Archive

This site is not endorsed by the NBA, nor is it guaranteed to have completely correct figures.  The salary numbers are simply my ‘best guesses’ based on my understanding of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and using information obtained in newspaper articles, on other web sites or wherever else I can find it.

I suggest that before you look at any of the spreadsheets, you read the page labeled ‘Notes’.  It will help you to decipher the spreadsheets better.

Also, I’ve designed a chart that helps you determine if a proposed NBA transaction (trade or free agent signing) is legal under the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  You can find this chart on the page labeled  ‘Is A Transaction Legal?‘.

Feel free to email me with information about player contracts that you might have, or to let me know about any mistakes that you see on any of the spreadsheets.  Any valid information forwarded to me will be used to update this site and make it as accurate as possible.

Unfortunately, I can’t update this site every day, although I do my best to post an update every week or two.  Also, I’ll try to answer questions that you e-mail me, although I can’t promise to answer them all – this is just a hobby of mine and free time is rare!

41 Responses to Welcome to Storyteller’s Contracts

  1. Crow

    Nice banner. Thanks especially for the notes section.

  2. Chris

    Found this through ESPN. What a cool site!

  3. I love it dude – I need to send you the artwork so you can out your logo on stuff.

  4. djammmer

    WOW! 19 teams are over the Luxury Tax ($71.15 M) this year.

    I hoping the Tax goes up a couple mil next year, so the Jazz can keep Booze, and continue to stay under.

  5. Smoothy08

    For your info, I read this morning on Hoopshype that Salim Staudamire was guaranteed $200,000 of his $926,000 contract when he was waived by the Spurs in October. You do not show this, is this true or not?

  6. Tony

    Awesome stuff on this site. You are my authority on NBA salaries after years of struggling with the likes of hoopshype and realgm.

    Keep up the goodwork!

  7. KGMN

    Isn’t Jason Kapono a player option for 2010-11???

    • KGMN – Yes, Kapono has a player option for 2010-11. That is why his figure of $6,641,440 is shaded in a peach background (see top of the spreadsheet for color coding on options).

  8. Thanks again for coming on Jeff. Great work.

  9. Corox

    Awesome website. Keep it up !

  10. I have been amazed by the wonderful job you are doing. Keep up the great work. I am a Wizards fan and here are updates for them. Mardi Collins is not on the team. Hamady Ndiaye is. Thanks.

  11. TheTinfoil

    Hey ST: Is Camby’s contract really as high as listed on your spreadsheet? I remember it being around $17 mil for 2 years. I’m trying to find a reason not to think we’re hosed for the next 5 years, and every dollar helps. =)

    • According to my ‘sources’, what I have listed is his actual cap hit.

      Remember, he signed for a deal with a lot of incentives, and a big chunk of them have been labeled as ‘likely’, so they count against the cap. If he doesn’t reach them this season, then next season’s cap hit could decrease, but until then…..

      Camby’s deal was $17.7 guaranteed for two years plus another $7.9 million in incentives.

  12. Derek

    Do you have any idea of the breakdown of Zach Randolph’s extension with Memphis? Is it 4yrs/$71 or $68 million? And I understand there is a player option for the last year of his contract.

    • From what I’ve read, it sounds like he’s getting $66 million for 4 years (with the 4th year being a player option) plus an additional $5 million in incentives. Total guess on my part at this point – but $15 + $16 + $17 + $18 million seems to fit the parameters, with $1.25 million in yearly incentives.

  13. Luke

    From HOOPSWORLD.com, I found George Hill make $1,157,160 in 2010/11, $2,086,359 in 2011/12 and the amount of qualifying offering in 2012/13 is $3,069,467.
    From ShamSport.com, George Hill has $854,389, $1,390,906 and $2,052,978.
    Both are different with your spreadsheet. It made me confused.
    Which is right?

    • Luke -

      Sham has it right. I went back and rechecked my numbers for Hill and realized that I had the wrong formula in calculating his salary. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll have it right in my next update. Thanks for your question!

  14. ST, Just found your site thru a link at Warriorsworld.net. Your site looks great and full of much needed info and detail. I’m a huge W’s fan who seriously follows the collective bargaining agreement and cap issues. I look forward to referring to your site often and following you on Twitter.
    follow me @deserp

  15. Great site with a lot of awesome statistics! Indiana must be proud of themselves. To only have $46,273,066 as team salary this year, the Indiana Pacers should be really happy of what they have accomplished thus far in the season. 16-7 current overall record.

  16. Twista308

    Dallas Mavericks Kelenna Azubuike on ESPN.com roster, shows him with a salary of $3,300,000. Also read that he signed a two year contract. I checked yours and his salary is much lower. I just want to make sure that my 2K roster is as accurate as possible. Which salary is correct? Thanks in advance.

  17. Twista308

    Ok, so a dumb question. They said he signed the minimum veteran salary. How much is the minimum vet salary? Thanks for the reply =)

  18. Twista308

    Thanks alot! FANTASTIC site by the way, I would definately say it is the best one. How often do you update this site?

  19. Do you know the details of how on Earth the Lakers still have the likes of Horace Grant, Ron Harper, John Salley, Mitch Richmond, and Karl Malone counting against their cap number? Salley hasn’t even played since 2000!

  20. chris

    can you make player salaries spreedsheet a printer friendly?

  21. jerry25

    When are you going to “correct” the Nets new name of BROOKLYN?
    It was official on April 30.

  22. jerry25

    Would like to see CapHolds listed.
    I have to go to ShamSports to see CapHolds, but their rosters are old.

  23. jerry25

    It is now May 19 and still waiting to see the BROOKLYN Nets listed right after Boston. It won’t be official until Storytellers makes it official.

  24. Is there a “typical” payment schedule for players? What I mean is – most of us with normal jobs get paid once a week or once every two weeks – in Europe where I live – most are paid once each month. So, I was just wondering how it works in the world of professional sports – do the players receive a partial payment in a large lump sum and then a certain amount every month – or every quarter – or do they receive it all at the start of the year/season? I am not referring to performance based bonuses or any incentive pay (beyond a signing bonus) – just their “salary” – how is it parced out over a season or year?

  25. Carlos

    Just a question: a buy-out contract counts against the cap, but it counts in the luxury tax too?

  26. Michael Alkire

    Please update BOS-BKN trade. If ya need help with updates let me know.

    • Storyteller

      Thanks, Michael. Sorry about the delays in updates – some personal issues are taking up all my time this week – I’ll get the site updated soon but it’ll be a few days. If only life didn’t have so much drama……

  27. Fernando

    Is it possible to download this spreadsheet to excel? I couldn’t find how to do it…when i click the ‘download’ link it just opens the spreadsheet in my browser.

    • Storyteller

      Not really possible. You could use CTRL-A to select all and then copy and paste to your own spreadsheet, but the formatting won’t copy over using this method. All the numbers will be there, though.

  28. Leo

    This has been my favorite website for nba salary info and I will miss it. Thanks for all the hard work and best of luck.

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